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Not Impossible :D
Saturday, February 25, 2012 • 5:15 PM • 0 comments

Hey you! Yes, you. What you waiting for? Hohoho. Peace XD.

Hoho. Caye tak, kalau saya pergi KL dalam mase 2 hari 1 malam. Hehehe. But it real :D Friday and Saturday. Not impossible right? Hehe. Thats my dad idea. Everyone dont know whats my dad was thinking about.\Broken english dah/

And, kite tak tahu nasib kite. We are lucky or poor person? And, not impossible we are lucky person. And, not impossible we are poor person. Right?

Eh, tadi mase dalam kereta, ayah saya tukar channel. Guess what? Terkejut beruk aku, dengar lagu Greyson Chance- Take A Look At Me  Now. Whippieee! Terus saya tanyer ayah saluran berape? Now, I dah tahu channel berape. Oyeah-oyeah!

That my Greyson :D

Thats all. This is short post. Sorry. I'm so tired right now. Bye. I want take a rest and do my homework that abandoned. Muah!

Greyson Chance ^_^



Hi, Im Nana. Nice to meet you. Im a Greysonator/Enchancers.

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